Alan Johnson

I am a trainer, coach, therapist, change worker

I train NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy), Metaphors of Movement (MoM) & OldPain2Go

Originally from Shildon, Co Durham and now living in the market town of Northallerton, North Yorkshire, I have learned from life experience, much training and common sense, how to empower and guide other people to get the changes in their life that they are after.

With over 33 years’ experience of working with people in varying roles and environments, I am now a full time trainer of NLP, IEMT MoM, OldPain2Go and other ‘people skills’ and change working approaches.

Before this I was a qualified general and mental health nurse, have worked in prisons, probation and drug & alcohol services from worker to service manager and commissioner.

I have been training NLP for over 14 years to well over 1,500 people from all backgrounds

Having found much frustration with the systems and constraints of being employed, I have found my niche as a trainer and effective change worker/ therapist

My approach is very direct and uses cutting edge techniques, such as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), Metaphors of Movement (MoM),  OldPain2Go

This can help with change from where you are- to where you want to be without having to painfully re-live anything, without it taking forever, and without being patronised.

Whether training with me, or seeing me for individual change work I know it will be effective and possibly even enjoyable!

Association of IEMT Practitioners listing here

NLP Training Style

Some NLP is trained in an Americanised, ‘woo-woo’ over-positive way- a problem is just a re-frame away, and the world will manifest in the way you want if you just believe it hard enough! Or it is very focused on squeezing the last bit of work/ money out of your employee/ customer-


Some NLP is very touchy-feely, deep and psychotherapeutic, where people hug trees and have epiphanies- though people often get great personal growth from my training- THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE EITHER.

Because of my background as a trained general and mental health nurse who has worked for many years in drug/ alcohol and criminal justice settings- I train in a very ‘real-world’ and practical way. No whooping and standing on chairs, no holding hands and sitting in circles- oh, and no role play!!

I will ask you to work with the people in your group to practice skills using real life issues/ problems- but the emphasis is on learning real skills to use with self and others

This course will give you real, practical useful tools to work with people with REAL WORLD issues

Time to integrate & learn your NLP course

We train in 2-day blocks, in the North-East of England in Northallerton- with time in between to learn, reflect, notice NLP and practice the skills learnt on the course.

Aftercare and Support

Once you have trained with me, I am always at hand for advice & support at any time in the future. You can even re-visit the courses at minimal cost.

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