Creating Resilience with North-East Sixth Form Colleges 2

Over the past few months I have been working with Sixth Form Colleges in Sunderland, Hartlepool, Stockton and DarlingtonĀ with an overall aim to raise academic resilience in students

There have been many awareness training days for staff, 5 sessions to students on induction to their first week in Sixth Form in Sunderland. In addition, almost 50 staff members have completed a 5-day NLP Diploma with additional skills to help anxious, angry or avoidant students to cope and do well in college

Feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with students being able to complete exams where previously it was not possible

An app is being developed for students, some work is being designed to support parents, and more delivery of skills and strategies to cope for students are going ahead

This work will continue until June 2019, and we hope it will have a positive impact in lots of ways for staff, students and families

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2 thoughts on “Creating Resilience with North-East Sixth Form Colleges

  • Nikki Holdsworth

    Hi Alan,

    Powerful (and essential) work you are doing with young people at a key stage in their life. Will you be working with Newcastle Sixth Form College?