FREE- NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Introductory Day- with Alan Johnson


Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Free day’s training to give an introduction to NLP and how it can be used both professionally and personally


Curious about what we actually do and how it can help you personally and professionally?
Neuro-linguistic Programming
NLP is a way of understanding how humans ‘tick’- and allows you to get the best out of yourself by:
– Managing your emotions better- such as being more calm, more confident or more motivated
– Feeling happier in yourself by knowing what you want and need!
– Prioritising and making best use of time for work/ life balance
Get the best out of your interactions with others:
– Be more confident and able to communicate with more people, more of the time
– Effective leadership and sales approaches
– Use language of influence to gain quick rapport and improve outcomes with others
– Strategies for managing difficult people or awkward customers
…. and many other useful skills and understandings
This is a short days’ training to give you an awareness and to experience some of the benefits first hand
Places are strictly limited, so booking is essential
Contact Alan on 07971916534 or

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3rd December 2019


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