NLP Practitioner (additional 16 days)


All training as part of this course is carried out at Change Working, 33 High Street, Northallerton

This is a 16-day course for those who have already completed the 4-day Foundation Diploma.

Next steps would then be our 20 day NLP Master Practitioner

We can also make arrangements on payments. Please contact us for more information.


One weekend per month October 2019- May 2020

2019 October 19-20, Nov 16-17, Dec 14-15,

2020 Jan 11-12, Feb 8-9, Mar 7-8, Apr 18-19, May 9-10

What will the Practitioner Programme offer me?

Enhancing NLP at Practitioner Level offers you opportunities to:
• Build upon the foundation skills learned and integrated on the Diploma Programme
• Understand how the language we use affects ourselves and others, and how to skilfully use
• language to positively influence yourself and others.
• Learn a range of powerful techniques and processes to transform restricting experiences and beliefs
• Have the choice and skills to achieve the changes you want and assist others to achieve changes they desire
What will I learn?
INLPTA Foundation Diploma must be completed prior to commencement of Practitioner Weekends

Seminar 1 Working With Language October
Aspects of language and universal modelling processes, Meta Model, Conversational Change

Seminar 2 Accessing Unconscious Resources November
Milton Model– The language of influence, Logical Levels, Metaphors, Framing & Reframing.

Seminar 3 Working With Time December
Timelines, In time/ Though Time, Change Personal History, Release Negative Emotion, Phobia Cure

Seminar 4 Mid Course Review and Integration January
Personal State, Outcome Setting, Rapport Revisited, Organic Belief Change, Collapse Anchors, Apply Logical Levels

Seminar 5 Replicating Excellence– Modelling February
Modelling Physiology and Thinking, Shadowing, Strategies, TOTE, Swish Pattern

Seminar 6 Working With Parts March
Behaviour & Positive Intention, Creativity Strategy, 6-step Reframe, Visual Squash, Create a Part, Alleviating Allergy

Seminar 7 Beliefs April
Changing Limiting Beliefs, Reimprinting Beliefs, Developing Empowering Beliefs

Seminar 8 Integration and Certification May


Any dates you are not able to attend may be made up at the appropriate time on the next Practitioner

What About Accreditation?
These programmes are conducted in accordance with the high quality standards of INLPTA (The International NLP Trainers Association).
Successful completion will entitle you to a nationally
and internationally recognised

Additional information

Course Date

2019 October 19-20, Nov 16-17, Dec 14-15, Jan 11-12, Feb 8-9, Mar 7-8, Apr 18-19, May 9-10


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