Pain Elimination with OldPain2Go

Sick of Being in Pain?

Even the medical profession don’t know about this methodology that is fast becoming the future of pain relief

The OldPain2Go methodology is a new and unique way of getting rid of old/ chronic pain messages. This usually happens very quickly and is permanent

Get rid of years of misery suffering from pain from


Back Pain

Old injuries

Fatigue Conditions

Joint Pain


Any unwanted symptom that has been investigated



No belief required

You don’t have to believe this will work- you just need to really want to get rid of old pain that no longer serves a purpose and allow the process to happen.

For this one-off treatment I charge £150. There is no need for follow-up sessions


Contact Alan on 07971916534 or to arrange a meeting in Northallerton, or anywhere over Skype

OldPain2Go explained here

To learn more about OldPain2Go from the creator Steven Blake, See FAQ here: OldPain2Go FAQ