Health Improvement Specialist Mental Health

Public Health South of Tees area

Richie talks about the impact the training Change Working has had on his personal life and professional work. The work with Richie and the wider community to develop mental wellbeing approaches in Teesside is ongoing.

Richie Andrew

Training, Development & Culture Lead

Middlesbrough Council/ Public Health

Sarah-Jane talks about her personal and professional development that came from training with Alan over many years in a self-funding capacity. This led to training and development projects with substance use services in the Middlesbrough area

Sarah Jane McQuade

Chief Executive

Age UK Teesside

Jackie has been working with Anne and Age UK services in Teesside for many years..Initially with hoarding behaviour- getting very powerful results, and more recently with older people feeling anxious and isolated following Covid 19 and cost of living worries

Anne talks about that professional relationship and also her personal experience of working with Jackie

Anne Sykes

SEND Education Consultant


After many years working in education settings, Anna talks about how the training has helped her approaches with children and adults alike. The personal benefits and self-development have also allowed Anna to take the step into self-employed consulting

Anna Robinson Testimonial

Changing Futures Programme Lead

South of Tees (Middlesbrough/ Redcar & Cleveland Councils)

Alan has been involved in ongoing work on this major project across the south of Tees to address trauma-informed approaches. Amanda talks about the impact this has had on attendees identified as ‘champions’, and also her personal development

Amanda Chalmers
Change Working logo
Transformational course

A transformational course ideal for anyone who is ready to embrace change. My understanding of my own thoughts, feelings and emotions, and how I can choose my behaviour has been phenomenal. Looking forward to the Mastery next month. Would highly recommend Alan Johnson, meeting Alan back in 2016 has changed my journey in self discovery.

Hazel Rockingham
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Enjoyable and informative

I have attended several courses run by Alan which I always find enjoyable and informative. Alan takes the time to ask what people would like to achieve and adapts the sessions to ensure individual learning goals are achieved.

Linda Budgen
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Taught me things about myself

Doing both NLP Diploma and most recently the Practitioner training has taught me things about myself that I thought never existed.

Bal Jheeta
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Very versatile

Alan was very versatile in his style of learning, having dyslexia he made the training very creative and engaging that kept my focus . He was warm and trustworthy and made each person feel very comfortable and included.

Jayne Hall
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Alan worked with me to find the answers to all my questions

I met Alan during a very strange time in my life, I wasn’t sure what I wanted yet I knew it wasn’t what I had. Alan worked with me to find the answers to all my questions and almost without effort changes began to happen.

Roy Willis
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Highly recommend him to anyone

I have attended several of Alan’s training courses and can highly recommend him to anyone. He is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. He is also a genuinely caring person too which I think is just as important as there are a lot of over inflated egos out there!

Lynn Marshall (Registered Nurse)
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Alan is the best trainer and facilitator I have ever had the pleasure of working with

I have completed four of the ChangeWorking courses and each time I come away more inspired. The NLP has impacted directly in my work in education and classrooms whilst also shining the light on the personal journey which has been life changing. The IEMT has brought an additional layer to coaching my one-to one clients and each one has reflected that they felt positive change after the process. I can wholeheartedly recommend Alan; his ability to safely challenge, guide for change and hold the group without judgment is a great talent. I am returning next year for more NLP as I can trust the process, the facilitator and maximise my learning.

Anna Robinson (Specialist Teacher for SEMH)
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Loved today’s course

Alan gave a whole new perspective on an intriguing approach. Would definitely recommend ChangeWorking.

Tracey Dunning
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Just brilliant!

Alan inspires confidence, he’s a “real human being” and doesn’t set himself up as a “guru”. He’s passionate about what he does and he shares his knowledge in an open and honest way. He just wants his students to be successful at what they do – both on a personal and professional level.

Valerie Edwards
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Would thoroughly recommend Change Working

I have recently attended Alan’s Foundation NLP course and I’ve learned loads about myself and other people. For me, this course and the coaching session that I had have been life changing. Thanks Alan – I will be eternally grateful.

Sharon Lewin
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Thank you!

Fantastic instruction delivered with humour and warmth. These are practical, useful techniques that open the mind to further possibilities.

Alicia Herbert
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Alan’s NLP course is excellent and gives you a lot of tools and techniques to understand how people take in information, react and also gives you a better understanding of yourself – well recommended.

John Walkden
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Powerful stuff. Thank you.

I have been on a couple of Alan’s courses now. His passion and knowledge of his subject shines through and together, hopefully, we can make the world a more tolerant and happy place. I can also recommend the pain2go stuff. I look forward to spending more time with you learning about myself and how to best influence and motivate other people.

Jacqui Croskery
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Life changing

This course has been truly life changing. I find it hard to describe the amount of positive change it has had on me… I am not the same person as I was when I started this course..

RW (Drug & Alcohol Service Manager)
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Useful in every aspect of my life

The experiential learning was superb. The trainer delivered the content in a relaxed learning style which, for me, ensured a high level of learning. To describe the benefits briefly would not do justice to the amount of learning I have experienced throughout the course. The practical usefulness of the skills and techniques will be used in every aspect of my life (personal, professional and relationships).

PT-N (NHS Counsellor)
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Mind Opening

Giving me the ability to learn without text books, making learning fun and opening my mind.

JG (Financial Services)
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Complete confidence and trust during all practical exercises

The integrity of the trainer in all aspects of the course enabled me to have complete confidence and trust during all practical exercises. Personal self development has been significant. I have grown in confidence and am far more self- aware. Relationships at work are improved and enhanced, and family life is also easier.

JW (Fundraiser for Charitable Organisation)
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Improved my own self-awareness

It has helped me work better with clients, staff and improve my own self-awareness. By being authentic in the practice sessions I have been able to develop my own levels of confidence in my own ability, both in NLP and my personal life and future career moves’.

EJ (Counsellor & Team Manager)
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Improved my relationships and communications both personally and professionally

Alan’s engaging delivery and the content of the NLP Diploma has already noticeably improved my relationships and communications both personally and professionally.

LH (Redcar & Cleveland PCT)
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Real life benefits

I came to the course with a sceptical outlook as to the benefits to me of NLP. I go away convinced of the real life benefits and practical implementations for it.

IJ (Retail Manager & Mental Health Trainer)
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Life would be a lot easier if every organisation and school used NLP

More self-awareness and more knowledge and understanding of how people interact and (mis)understand each other. That changing can be quick and easy rather than long and drawn out. Life would be a lot easier if every organisation and school used NLP.

JS (Counsellor)
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Improved mood and enjoying all aspects of work more

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent training you delivered earlier in the month. I really enjoyed it. I have since found some differences in my life – improved relationships in all areas of my life – I noticed it instantly with my partner as I live with him and over the next few days and weeks with others. Improved confidence and less negative self talk inside my head! I have been inspired and am reading a book about NLP.

AM (Social Worker)
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Choosing to do my NLP Practitioner training with Train of Thought was a good move

Alan’s wide experience and knowledge of the Public Sector combined with his insightful, intuitive and sincere style of training ensures a conducive environment for learning and practicing NLP. I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to learn more about how they tick and for anyone who wants to improve their relationships with others. I am leaving this course feeling very optimistic about the future and much better equipped to get what I want out of life.

Jon Deans
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I’ve trained with Alan before and his method of training I found to be relaxed but very alert to his students. He is always observing behaviour in his students and focused, meeting our needs 100% with whatever task we have been set. I’ve not been made to feel I couldn’t ask for assistance in understanding anything I may have struggled with at anytime.

I’ve travelled from East Sussex on a Friday 8 hours drive .. totally worth it. I recommend this course to any therapist wanting to experience and practice a different approach in their client sessions, I know after this course I will be able to identify more with a clients view of their world.

Beverley Pritchard (Hastings East Sussex)
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Amazing, found this course so interesting and helpful

Alan is a fantastic teacher who is easy to follow and understand.

Maria Williamson
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No nonsense and straight to the point training.

Monika Clough
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A brilliant tool

A brilliant tool for quick change and delivered in a real world way.

Saira Rashid
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Fantastic material, fantastic trainer

Alan is a very engaging trainer who uses humour to make the course very enjoyable. I’ve really enjoyed the course and feel confident to use it with others. Fantastic material, fantastic trainer…when is the advanced IEMT course.

Andrea Hopwood
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Very enjoyable

Very enjoyable and interesting course for people looking for practical, quick and easy techniques to support and develop personal change in themselves and others Well presented, engaging and plenty of opportunities to practice and experience both guiding and exploring.

Eddie Mullany
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Just wanted to give you a quick update on my IEMT

I have used it almost daily with different children since learning it. One little girl had witnessed her father assaulting her mother the night before, I finger waggled her and she said her brain was tickling and she burst out laughing – this from crying her heart out not more than 30 seconds ago! She says every time she sees me her brain tickles and makes her laugh!

A year five boy who is always in trouble for fighting, is almost always upset and very quiet, so after last fight I let him calm down and then I finger waggled him, in two years I have never seen this little boy smile…he just looked at me and said “huh? What was that?”He hasn’t had a fight in two days!

U.R (Primary School Learning Mentor)
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Absolute magic

Alan. I am to wait and observe the ongoing effect but the technique brought a 3yr life obstructing problem from a 10 to a 1 immediately. Sooooo good!!! The things and optimism she flowed with as a result of the freeing up were marvellous. If she manages to take this forward with even 20% of the momentum she gained, then it is a gift! I expect it will be higher. Definitely recommending a few people to the march course. Thanks doesn’t cover it. Please be damn proud and pleased with the amazing results your sharing achieves!

JM (Therapist)
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Easily understood

I would recommend the IEMT to anybody considering the course, as it really does work & shifts stuff in such a short space of time. I found Alan explained things at a level that could be easily understood.

LP (Fylde Coast)
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The course was great

I have excellent understanding of my “lynch pin” I worked on my personal issue in a content-free way. Something that I have carried around for over 26 years has gone. I will be able to use the training with service users and staff alike. Thank you.

AC (Preston)
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Startling results

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of people I have used IEMT with. Both with great results! A kid with OCD surrounding having to consume 15 litres of water each day. He has done this for 10 years. Measuring out each 500ml bottle etc etc. after 2 NLP sessions with him I tried IEMT and the result was startling! From planning his day around his water intake he has now reduced the intake by half, and is no longer bothered about drinking so much. It has fallen from number 1 priority for 10 years to just something he does when he decides to do it. What a transformation in him. He is so happy!

Steve Legge (Sports Coach)
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Thank you so much Alan for sharing this unique and incredibly effective tool

I’ve had severe on and off knee pain for 8 years and just believed it was something I had to live with. It has held me back in any attempts I’ve made to get fit and I really feel it’s made me struggle very badly. It was particularly inflamed and painful earlier this year and spoilt my holiday, stopping me from doing things that I would normally take for granted. I’m currently trying to train for the great north run but couldn’t start training for 3 months due to the pain from my knee.

I had a session of OldPain2Go with Alan yesterday and then really put it to the test. I ran up and down stairs – often a trigger even walking; I’ve been for a training run, when I would always feel at least a dull ache and finally I’ve been to yoga. I have felt absolutely no pain since, no aching, not even a twinge. I’ve also felt a lovely effect in that all the muscles I usually tense, eg shoulders, have been naturally relaxed and I’ve had a pretty good nights’ sleep on top.

Hazel Dickinson (Richmond North Yorkshire)