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Neuro Linguistic Programming

If you have got this far, chances are you already know what learning NLP can do for you, just in case - here is the information you need.

Why Neuro Linguistic Programming?

- Have you ever noticed how some people are more confident than others, even though their capabilities might be very similar?

- Do you feel better able to cope at some times than at others?

- Have you wondered why some people thrive no matter what life throws at them, and others struggle?

- Have you ever questioned why you get on well with some people and not with others?

- Have you ever been curious about why some people are frightened about things that don't bother others – maybe flying, or insects, or some other “phobia”?

- Have you ever wanted to know how some people achieve what they set out to do, and others don’t? Have you ever set out to make changes in your life but not quite achieved what you wanted?

The difference in each of these examples is not only what happens externally to the person concerned. The real difference is the way the person interprets what is happening to them – or what has happened to them in the past. The real difference is the way they internally translate and construct their own experience of the external world.

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What is NLP?

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NLP is a profoundly effective “How to” technology for personal change and development, and interpersonal effectiveness. NLP is based on the study of the most influential components involved in shaping our experiences:

Neuro – the unique way we translate the information we receive through our senses about the external world and what is happening around us, and how this translation affects the way we think, our physiology, how we feel and how we behave.

Linguistic – how we express our experience to ourselves and to others through the language we use and how the language we use affects our experience, behaviour and feelings.

Programming – how habitual, often unconscious, patterns of thoughts and feelings developed through the course of our lives affect our current behaviour – and how these patterns can be changed.

How NLP Works - 'The Map not the territory'

Each of us creates unique internal “maps” of our external experience.

NLP studies the way we construct our internal maps and the way we use language to communicate our maps to ourselves and others.

By exploring how people who are excellent in their field construct and communicate their internal maps – studying the difference that makes the difference – NLP has developed powerful and practical approaches to personal development, change and communication that significantly enhance our ability to be the best we can be, more of the time.

The processes and techniques of NLP enable people to learn the underlying patterns of thinking and communicating used by outstanding people and to develop the skills that enhance effectiveness of communication, facilitate personal change, accelerate learning and enhance performance.

NLP can help people become more confident, better able to cope with situations, more elegant at developing relationships and influencing others. NLP helps overcome fears and phobias and can help people perform at their best more of the time, in more situations.

NLP will help you to assist others (and yourself) to:

• Create compelling futures, and develop personal pathways by setting appropriate, achievable and motivating goals.

• Enrich relationships with other people

• Perform at their best more of the time.

• Eliminate limiting beliefs and habits and develop empowering ones.

• Develop deeper rapport, be more persuasive, and have greater positive influence

• Quickly and painlessly liberate people from the power of past negative experience.

• Enhance self-appreciation and esteem, and feel more resourceful even in the most challenging situations.

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How can you use NLP


NLP has applications in virtually any area of life. In addition to personal development and life enhancement, NLP is used:

• As a rapid and pain free therapeutic approach

• In business and management

• In health and healing, to explore the mind – body connection in conditions like allergies, I.B.S.

• In performance coaching for sports, including golf, tennis, diving, riding

The possible applications of NLP have barely been touched. If it involves people, performance, or communication, NLP has the potential to make a significant contribution.

NLP Video Testimonials

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NLP Introductory Day- Free

Curious about what we actually do and how it can help you personally and professionally? Neuro-linguistic Programming NLP is a way of understanding how humans ‘tick’- and allows you to get the best out of yourself by: – Managing your emotions better- such as being more calm, more confident or more motivated – Feeling happier ... Read more

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NLP Foundation Diploma (Weekend) – June 2024

A weekday course in the school holidays DATES This is a 4 day programme and will run on the following dates: 1st-2nd & 15th-16th June 2024 WHY? What can a 4 Day Foundation Diploma Programme with Alan Johnson offer me? Discovering NLP at Diploma Level offers you opportunities to begin to: Learn how people construct ... Read more

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NLP Master Practitioner (One Weekend Per Month)

Dates Please note that this course will run on weekends, and will be one weekend a month with an overall duration of 20 days. June 2024- March 2025 Please do ask us about payment plans if required. WHY? Becoming a Master Practitioner involves, for you and your life: learning to relish your own uniqueness, recognising ... Read more

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NLP Practitioner (One Weekend Per Month)

8 weekends- NLP Diploma must be completed prior to Practitioner- see Diploma dates here Practitioner Dates: October 2024- May 2025 202 October 19-20, November 16-17, December 14-15, 2024 January 18-19, February 15-16, March 22-23, April 26-27, May 10-11 What will the Practitioner Programme offer me? Enhancing NLP at Practitioner Level offers you opportunities to: • ... Read more

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I have attended several of Alan's training courses and can highly recommend him to anyone. He is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. He is also a genuinely caring person too which I think is just as important as there are a lot of over inflated egos out there!

Lynn Marshall - Registered Nurse

Alan is the best trainer and facilitator I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have completed four of the Change Working courses and each time I come away more inspired. The NLP has impacted directly in my work in education and classrooms whilst also shining the light on the personal journey which has been life changing. The IEMT has brought an additional layer to coaching my one-to-one clients and each one has reflected that they felt positive change after the process. I can wholeheartedly recommend Alan; his ability to safely challenge, guide for change and hold the group without judgement is a great talent. I am returning next year for more NLP as I can trust the process, the facilitator and maximise my learning.

Anna Robinson - Specialist teacher for SEMH

Loved today’s course. Alan gave a whole new perspective on an intriguing approach. Would
definitely recommend Change Working

Tracey Dunning

Just brilliant! Alan inspires confidence, he's 'a real human being' and doesn't set himself up as 'a guru'. He's passionate about what he does and he shares his knowledge in an open and honest way. He just wants his students to be successful at what they do - both on a personal and professional level.

Valerie Edwards

Would thoroughly recommend Change Working. I have recently attended Alan's Foundation NLP course and I've learned loads about myself and other people. For me, this course and the coaching session that I had have been life changing. Thanks Alan - I will be eternally grateful

Sharon Lewin

Amazing, found this course so interesting and helpful. Alan is a fantastic teacher who is easy
to follow and understand.

Maria Williamson

Alan is a very engaging trainer who uses humour to make the course very enjoyable. I've really enjoyed the course and feel confident to use it with others. Fantastic material, fantastic trainer...when is the advanced IEMT course

Andrea Hopwood

Alan is a very interesting guy and knows his subject well It enabled me to look at a couple of issues I thought I had already dealt with. I feel it helped me to see them in a different way

CR Blackpool

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