Beliefs that hold us back

A belief is what we hold to be true for us- a rule for the world as we see it. They act as our permissors and prohibitors- i.e. they make it possible or impossible to do things

Beliefs are also self-fulfilling prophecies- we will unconsciously and consciously manifest situations to confirm that which we already believe to be true. This is great and supportive if we hold helpful/ positive beliefs about ourselves, but it can be a problem if we hold unhelpful and limiting beliefs about us

The most common belief issues tend to fall into one of the following three groups:

Hopelessness                      Belief that the desired goal is not achievable regardless of your capabilities.

Helplessness                       Belief that the desired goal is possible but that you are not capable of achieving it.

Worthlessness                     Belief that you do not deserve the desired goal because of who you are – or something that you have (not) done.

Antidotes to the unhelpful beliefs:

Helplessness – Hopelessness – Worthlessness

I’m Capable – It’s Possible – I Deserve it

The training we provide can help you find ways to enhance the way you think about the things you believe to be true.

It’s possible, you are capable and you deserve it