Change Working

Any change can be scary- even if the change is really wanted and we know it’s the best thing for us

It’s like the smelly, battered tatty old shoes that we keep on wearing because they are so comfy – we know the new ones will nip for a while, so we may put off that time for as long as we can. When it’s time to do it though, we may have to grin and bear it for a while until we once again have a pair of comfy shoes

Unfamiliarity can cause us to feel some fight or flight symptoms- and even though this is making us hesitant, sometimes we will just have to get on with it anyway

This new website has been a few months in the making- it has filled me with excitement, then dread, then frustration, then happiness and finally achievement. It hasn’t been easy – for the first time I am working with a professional web designer-type person, after 10 years of making my own websites from scratch. Having an extra step to add anything into the site has taken a bit of getting used to. He has also be helpful in getting me to write content- as I am very good at procrastinating about things like that.

The old website(s) were very familiar, but also looking very old-fashioned all of a sudden, so a change was called for.

I have also decided to be more pro-active in writing blog posts, using social media and even doing vlogs (video content for us over 30)- I recognise I need to become more visible and be ‘present’ on the web, and it starts with the new look, cleaner website.

As ever, I’d love to hear your feedback on the new site- and on anything else relating to my web presence or lack of it