Change Working in Schools

Help children with their emotional and mental health problems and worries

This is a speedy and effective solution that enables the young person to manage things better for themselves.

Providing bespoke wellbeing services to schools for children of all ages who have issues/ problems/ fears that are manifesting as:

  • Emotional

  • Behavioural

  • Psychological

  • Educational

  • Social

  • Health worry

The approach is about:

  • Empowerment
  • Resilience
  • Managing Feelings
  • Getting rid of past-based problems
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Perspective and meaning
  • Owning my thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Understanding myself and others
  • Empathy & Seeing other people’s point of view
  • Confidence
  • Planning effectively for a future

Jackie can see children individually or in groups using a combination of:

  • Psycho-education
  • Goal setting
  • Change work techniques
  • Confidence and reliance building
  • Pastoral support


Jackie can work with a range of issues- typically this includes:

  • Anger
  • Lack of motivation
  • Anxiety
  • Self-harm
  • Eating problems
  • OCD
  • Fears
  • Spelling/ learning strategies for dyslexia and other learning differences
  • Exam stress

Many children feel an improvement after just one session- and they are resourced to be better able to deal with their world.

Schools have found having Jackie there regularly as a point of reference for troubles children relieves the pressure from teaching staff and saves on absenteeism and disruption during the school week.


The below is genuine feedback from just one student (anonymised)- there are many more examples of terrific outcomes for students

How did you find the sessions? Jackie was extremely friendly and welcoming. Every session was interesting and insightful; I learnt a lot and have been influenced to share what I’ve learnt with others. I looked forward to every single session and left feeling extremely positive, which is something I have never experienced with counsellors in the past

How are things different for you now? I am in control of my thoughts, behaviours and emotions which has helped me in day to day life in areas such as home and college. Circumstances which would have upset me or made me angry in the past now have little effect on my emotions and I’m able to work through it

What effect is this having on you/ the way you are at school/ at home?

I’m able to concentrate more in lessons at college and focus on my work without distractions. I’m feeling more motivated and less anxious. At home I’m a lot more relaxed and can open myself up more.

Would you recommend Jackie to other students? Any other comments? I’ve used several different counsellors in the past, including Alliance, all of which didn’t have any benefit for me. I feel that Jackie has helped me to improve my life in all areas and has given me a sense of control over my emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

I understood everything that we discussed, and left with extra sheets of information to keep practicing what I’ve learnt at home. I feel more secure, and more positive about my life and my circumstances. Many of my friends have also been to see Jackie and I’ve only heard positive things from all of them. I can’t thank Jackie enough for all of her time, she’s a wonderful lady 🙂


Young people are shown how everyone internalises the world in a unique way, and are totally in control of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours

A group that ran in Stokesley School in 2009 with 14 children at risk of exclusion resulted in a 75%+ reduction in behavioural reports following the 6 session programme- report can be read here Evaluation of cool4school

Groups can be purely delivered to get young people to understand how they ‘tick’ and how to get the best out of themselves and others, or bespoke sessions can be delivered on subjects such as:

  • Feeling calm- Managing stress/ anxiety
  • Feeling in control- Managing anger
  • Exam nerves
  • Feeling confident
  • Communicating effectively
  • Handling bullying

Jackie has worked, or is currently working, with:

  • Stokesley School
  • Yarm School
  • Conyers School, Yarm
  • Stockton Sixth Form College
  • Northfield School, Billingham
  • Ampleforth School
  • Grangefield Academy, Stockton
  • West Park Academy, Darlington


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