The only thing that is constant is the change

As I held my brand new fourth grandchild Isla today, I was reminded how much things are changing all of the time. She is beautiful and only today do her parents start to realise what parenthood is really like!

Whether we like the change or not, whether we want the change or not- stuff happens. It's how we cope with the stuff that we didn't plan for or expect that really demonstrates our resilience and abilities to manage in the world.

Isla has been long planned, has been well prepared for and will be looked after very well by her family, close and extended.

How do you cope with the things you haven't planned for?

Redundancy, end of a relationship, fridge freezer breaks down, car written off? If any of these or any other things cause you stress, anxiety or worry. If they create a fight, flight or freeze response- then maybe some of the services on offer on our website may help you- training or individual change work- please have a look round and see for yourself