#That NLP Bloke- Podcast- Stuff and Uncommon Sense

Well I managed to so my first Podcast today- after years of avoiding such things- was OK in the end 🙂

That NLP Bloke- ‘Stuff’ & Uncommon Sense’ On offer are some things I have found useful for being a human being in the 21st Century It’s a laid back place for ideas, chat and techniques drawn from 20 years of learning and delivering NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and other ways of understanding how people ‘tick’ These are my versions of things- applied for real life, real people in the real world I’m Alan Johnson (That NLP Bloke) and trainer/ therapist with Change Working. [email protected] www.changeworking.co.uk

2 thoughts on “#That NLP Bloke- Podcast- Stuff and Uncommon Sense”

  1. I have been listening to your podcasts on Spotify and they gave really helped me with the NLP component of my hypnotherapy training.

    Thank you, please keep the podcasts coming.


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