OldPain2Go Practitioner in Northallerton with Alan Johnson


24th November 2019

This course is delivered at Change Working, 33 High Street, Northallerton

Do you want to:

 learn a simple, effective and lasting process?

 help people be free of their old unnecessary pain?

 have a tool to help Fatigue, Arthritis amongst other conditions?

Then join us to become a OldPain2Go Practitioner

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How does it Work?

So you say, “How can it work when highly trained medical people cannot achieve the same results?” Quite simply your body repairs itself even though it has never studied medicine. It has kept you alive for years: running your heart, your lungs and thousands of other processes What an OldPain2Go™ practitioner does is to bargain with the part of the brain that deals with pain and ask if it will release you from it. Because of that it is a totally safe process – if you still need to have the pain message it will remain

It is a simple method with a lot of understanding and whilst it takes a day to learn it, it takes a lot of
study and experience to master it!

Because it deals with Old Pain Messages it can remove them permanently. New Pain (acute) can be
felt at any time it is required and the old pain is not their masking any appearance of new pain
Therefore this even works on pain removal from degenerative disorders.

Check out some client testimonials here: Pain Elimination with OldPain2Go


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