OldPain2Go – I learn an amazing new Technique

I recently trained as a practitioner of OldPain2Go with the man who developed it- Steven Blake

I have been blown away by the simplicity, speed and effectiveness for ‘switching off’ old pain messages- excellent results with arthritis, back pain, old injury/ trauma, along with fatigue-type illnesses such as ME/ Fibromyalgia and CFS

The technique will also be effective on old emotional pain and many other applications from allergy to menopause symptoms!

During the training I worked on a ‘live’ client who had ME type symptoms, ankle pain (6/10)and stomach pain (3/10). After 20 minutes or so if using the OldPain2Go protocols under Steven’s supervision, she was 0/10 and couldn’t believe the results.

This is just one of dozens of stories of miraculous outcomes- and that is what can make it difficult for people to engage with- it is so far out of people’s belief systems and medical model paradigms that it seems ‘too good to be true’.

However, if you or someone you know would truly like to get rid of old pain, please contact me

If you would like to learn how to help people to turn off old pain- Steven Blake is also training the OldPain2Go Practitioner in Northallerton on 27th August- details here OldPain2Go Practitioner with Steven Blake

I’m looking forward to giving many people permanent relief from pain with this method

More details on the method and results here