Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update- January 2022 We are open for business and follow sensible precautions for both one-to-one appointments and training Please contact us through the website to schedule an appointment – contact Alan for adult appointments and Jackie for Children.   Contact us >>

Beliefs that hold us back

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A belief is what we hold to be true for us- a rule for the world as we see it. They act as our permissors and prohibitors- i.e. they make it possible or impossible to do things Beliefs are also self-fulfilling prophecies- we will unconsciously and consciously manifest situations to confirm that which we already … Read more

Conditions for Lasting Change


Continuing the theme of change- if you ever find you are resisting change, or working with someone who seems to be ambivalent to change, check out that all the below conditions for lasting change are being met For change to happen the person wanting the change has to: Understand change is needed Want it to change Believe it … Read more

Change Working

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Any change can be scary- even if the change is really wanted and we know it’s the best thing for us It’s like the smelly, battered tatty old shoes that we keep on wearing because they are so comfy – we know the new ones will nip for a while, so we may put off … Read more

Enjoying working from our new office in Northallerton


It’s been a few months now that we have had our own office in our home town of Northallerton. From here we deliver our NLP, IEMT, OldPain2Go and Metaphors of Movement training to groups, and Alan works with people individually here also. The rooms are up for hire, and we already have yoga and meditation … Read more

The only thing that is constant is the change


As I held my brand new fourth grandchild Isla today, I was reminded how much things are changing all of the time. She is beautiful and only today do her parents start to realise what parenthood is really like! Whether we like the change or not, whether we want the change or not- stuff happens. … Read more

Taking Pain Away with OldPain2Go

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I have really loved training people in OldPain2Go over the past week, including this group of 7 new practitioners on Sunday 5th November It also meant that 8 volunteers, plus some of the participants themselves left pain free from conditions such as arthritis, back pain, nerve damage, persistent headaches, spinal misalignment, shoulder pain and pain … Read more

Alan is now an OldPain2Go Trainer

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So pleased to be able to announce I am now an official OldPain2Go trainer. This fantastic methodology developed by Steven Blake is one of the most useful methodologies I have come across for a long time It can remove old pain messages instantly and permanently, and I have also successfully used if for fatigue symptoms, … Read more

Change Working a new Project with Age UK Teesside


We are delighted to announce that we have started a pilot project in Middlesbrough with Age UK Teesside to deliver approaches for hoarding behaviour in the town As this is a brand new venture we are working together with all services in the town, and looking at existing practice, to add in the change techniques … Read more